Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CHESINI, the oldest bike shop in Verona

In 2006, I met with two of the three owning partners, Barbara and Paolo (in photograph), of Chesini to interview them for http://www.classicrendezvous.com/. Barbara is related to the Chesini family through marriage. Since the interview we've become friends and I often stop into the store to look at the latest innovations in the marketplace.

The shop today sells high end bikes (their own brand and others), mountain bikes and city bikes, components and accessories. They also sell Chesini branded cycling clothing. Their website is: http://www.chesini.it/.

Chesini was founded in 1925 by Gelmino Chesini who was a bicycle mechanic before he began building bicycles. He began the business on his own and the first business location was in Nesente on the outskirts of Verona. Later he moved to Verona. He developed what became a well known slogan in Verona,"O Chesini o cammini".

The son, Gabriele Chesini, continued the business. Large numbers of Chesini's were sold in Europe, particularly in Austria,Germany, and other European countries through representatives. A much smaller number were sold to the USA.

Four world championships have been won on Chesini bikes: Juniors, 1963 100KM race, 1964 100KM race, 1965 Juniors, and 1990 (under 23).
Chesini is located in the historic center of Verona (at Via San Paolo 8/10)near Ponte Navi. If you are visiting Verona a visit would be worthwhile.


  1. Chesini was my first race bike 34 years ago and I just fixed it up for my nephew to continue to enjoy

  2. Got me a vintage Chesini second-hand. It has apparently been used hard over the years, but still runs really smooth. Nice to see that the company is still around!