Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Next Bike Project: Jamie Swan Cyclosportif

I've been thinking about some long distance rides, and doing my bit to use a car less, and was looking for something appropriate. Through good fortune I had the opportunity to acquire an unpainted frame built by Jamie Swan (http://www.centerportcycles.com/).

Jamie described the frame like this:
"This is a cyclosportif style frame set with traditional geometry and clearances for slightly wider tires and fenders. The seat tube is disproportionately long in the interest of creating a higher handlebar position. A head lug extension has been added as an additional measure to put the handlebars in a higher, more comfortable position. The extension can easily be removed. The lugs have been carefully thinned."

Dedacciai Zero Uno tube set (medium weight, non heat treated)
Newvex lugs and fork crown
1" threadless steerer tube
Brazed on head lug extender
73 degree head tube angle
73 degree seat tube angle
55mm fork rake75mm drop
43cm chain stays
Built for 57mm long reach brakes
Clearances for 700 x 28 tires plus fenders
Fender braze-ons on brake and chainstay bridges
Pump peg
Vertical drop outs with fender eyes
Llewellyn STI / Ergo bosses
O.L.D. 130mm
Jamie Swan Stiletto semi-wrap over top-eyes
Frame builder Curt Goodrich describes a sportif bike as follows: "A sportif does everything a road bike does but race, unless you like to race with fenders, use the advantage of long reach caliper brakes for wider tires, or surprise your friends with a bike that looks well-mannered for the weather but goes as fast as you can. When you order a Sportif we talk not only about the way you want to ride but also about important, practical needs like tire size, fender clearance, and brake options. The Sportif design emphasizes all-weather options as well as practical and simple solutions for all-day riding. You can be confident your bike will be comfortable but also capable for speed, great on smooth roads, grass, and even gravel. This is the bike for all roads and all seasons, not a tourer or for heavy loads but just right for about everything else."

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