Thursday, October 16, 2008

NJ: Glorious!

Wednesday, October 15th: My Italian friends would always ask, "Which is better, Italy or the USA?". My answer was always the same, "They are different, one is not better than the other".

For all the wonderful sights I saw in Italy in 3 years, the Fall (Autumn) season in the northeast of the U.S. is a sight of unique beauty.

A few of us on the Wednesday night ride wanted to go easy and appreciate the day (rather than having our eyes glued to the wheel in front). With that Eddie, Kathy, and I set out. Still riding in short sleeves no less.

Photos: small lake near Far Hills, Eddie and Kathy along Lake Road, farm on Pottersville Road, Kathy, we leave the sunset behind as we return to our starting point
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