Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ROTOR for Team Lampre-Merida

2014 will see a second Pro Tour team riding Rotor products – Team Lampre-Merida.

The team has aligned with ROTOR specifically for their know-how and investment in biomechanical studies. This is evident in their flagship products like Q-Rings (eliptical chainrings) mounted on the 3D+ and Flow cranks and the new Power Meter cranksets. The riders and team are confident to benefit in their performance from this know-how in their training and in races.

The MERIDA bikes will be equipped with Rotor 3D+, Flow and Power Meter cranks. Each rider will have the choice between a wide selection of chainrings and Q rings for their best performance set up. ROTOR will support the transition with one on one testing and set up sessions during the training camps.

Brent Copeland, Team Manager of Lampre-Merida: "On behalf of Team Lampre-Merida I would like to say it gives us great pleasure to be working with Rotor starting for the 2014 season. They are a professional and passionate company who go out of their way to please every need of our riders and mechanics. It is the first time for our riders to experience Q-rings. There has been a lot of curiosity from the riders and after some transformation period and time for them to test, we will be confident to see a positive response. We are looking forward to building a strong relationship with Rotor in the future to bring about the best results for all involved."

Rui Costa, UCI Road World Champion (btw, wearing customized Sidi Wire shoes featuring rainbow graphics): “I adapted very quickly to the Q-Rings and It gave me a more aerodynamic feel. Most importantly it eliminated the dead spot in my pedal Stroke.”

Andreas Rottler, Director of Sport Marketing at Merida: "We decided to go for ROTOR because we believe in the products and the support they provide. The Q-Rings combined with the new power meter makes a perfect system for training and racing for our riders.”

Ignacio Estelles, CEO of ROTOR Bike Components : “I feel very privileged to be joining the Lampre-Merida Team with the current world champion Rui Costa . Their synergy of Pro-Tour expertise and innovative bicycle design will help ROTOR to develop and test our products at the highest level. Especially their dedication to wind tunnel testing and aerodynamics is very much in line with Rotor product design philosophy. "

In photo, from the left: Brent Copeland (team manager Lampre-Merida), Rui Costa (World Champion), Ignacio Estelles (CEO Rotor Bike Components) e Wolfgang Renner (general manager Merida Europa).T

Rotor answers the question, "Why use elipitical chainrings anyway?"

Rotor Bikes - Q Rings a Road Cycling video by Rotor

The Rotor website is

p.s. don't remind me about Shimano Biopace rings :-)

Rui Costa photo: by Bettini

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  1. Larry's always amused by these developments. Various companies get involved with World Champions, Grand Tour winners, etc. to have them use (sometimes) and endorse their products. The amusing thing is that RARELY did they use or endorse whatever it is while WINNING the big race. The Honda motorcycle company was famous for this - win the world title on some other brand and then sign for big money to ride a Honda the next year. Honda would get all the benefits of advertising connected with the #1 plate on their motorcycle while having nothing to do with actually winning that #1 plate. Some call that clever marketing while others.......