Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stelbel Returns

The Stelbel brand, founded in Rodano back in the 1973 by Stelio Belletti, has returned. Belletti, a passionate cyclist and a fabricator with exceptional talent and knowledge, was an early expert in the TIG welding technique. Personal problems forced Belletti to close the doors on Stelbel in 1990, and nothing more was heard from the famous framebuilder until 2013. In September of that year, there was talk of a return. The foundations were laid, and work began on returning one of Italy’s finest framebuilding brands to its former glory. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Cicli Corsa and Stelio Belletti a new generation of cyclists can purchase a Stelbel frameset.

The website is Note that a registry of classic Stelbel bikes has been created for owners.

The currently available models can be seen here; they range from the classic "Integrale" to the modern "SB/03":

The "Ortica" track frame dropouts:

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