Friday, October 30, 2015

Beware of Fake Campagnolo Products

The following from Campagnolo:

Branded and top-end products often become benchmark products and, as such, highly desirable, to the extent that they are often copied, in this way fuelling the global forgery market.

The exclusiveness of the Campagnolo components and wheels together with their performance and technical characteristics have become so appetizing that FORGERS are cloning some of our products, flooding the international markets with huge quantities of them.

Campagnolo is therefore committed to ensuring the originality of the product and, above all, to guaranteeing the safety and welfare of the cyclist. The purchase of a forged product, in fact, not only prevents performance and experience on the bike, but jeopardizes the safety of the cyclist.

Below we give 6 simple rules to follow that allow customers to be sure they are purchasing an original Campagnolo product.

1. Buy from a Campagnolo store
When purchasing Campagnolo products, it is preferable to do so in a Campagnolo Pro-Shop or a Campy Code where not only the product, but also professionalism and competence are guaranteed.

2. Check the reliability of the seller
FORGERS mainly operate on line, via ecommerce websites and online auctions. In the case of online purchases, check the reliability of the website and/or the seller before buying.

3. Check the certificate
Our most forged products so far are Bora and Hyperon wheels. When buying these wheels, check that the rim bears a label with the Certilogo® Code.

4. Do not trust too extended a guarantee
Careful, forgers often offer extended guarantees, which clearly have no value. We remind you that the Campagnolo guarantee is valid for three years, worldwide.

5. Do not trust prices that are too low
A much lower sale price than that proposed on average by other market operators is the first signal that should set alarm bells ringing.

6. Let us know
Campagnolo combats forgery by collaborating with various international companies and agencies that have already seen to the elimination from several markets of forged product sales. Your role is fundamental. Let us know if you see adverts for forged products - this will help us to take more effective action.


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