Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Hate Changing Saddles

The incredible weather continues in Verona. Although a bit foggy it was 9C (48F) this morning so it was off to riding again with the San Zeno group. The route this morning took us to Cola, Pacengo, Lazise, Bardolino, Garda (must stop for espresso of course), and back to Verona via Pescantina. Rides to Lago di Garda are very popular in the winter because it's always warmer there than in Verona, and it's so beautiful. I should point out that Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) is the largest lake in Italy. It was formed in the last Ice Age and covers 370 sq. kilometres, reaching right up into the Alps.

Somewhere between Pacengo and Lazise I heard a crack and I said to myself, "I've heard that sound before." Next, I felt it....the saddle titling to one side. An inspection at the espresso stop confirmed that one of my titanium rails on the saddle had snapped. I've had this saddle 10 years now, it's really "close" to me. About 5 years ago one of the steel rails had snapped on it as well. The manufacturer, Selle San Marco, repaired it free of charge but they no longer had steel rails available so they upgraded it with one of the few titanium rail sets they still had. So, it's time to retire it.

But, I hate changing saddles. A frame that fits well and a comfortable saddle are so important in cycling. An uncomfortable saddle can be torture. An expensive saddle is no guarantee that it will be comfortable. What is a comfortable saddle for one person is uncomfortable for another. Finding the right saddle is a matter of trial and error. Changing saddles will also, very likely, mean adjusting the seatpost height and making forward and aft adjustments in order to get the position exactly right again; when you ride thousands of miles per year your position is dialed in just so.

So, it's arrivederci to my old saddle, the funky one the Pirelli shock absorbers.....

Photo: broken Ti saddle rail

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