Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book: "Un Secolo Di Passioni"

The official Giro d'Italia's 100th anniversary book, covering 1909 up to the 2009 race, began being sold today in bookstores in Italy. There has been a slight name change from the original announcements. The book is now entitled "Un Secolo Di Passioni" (A Century Of Passion); the original announcements referred to the title as "100 Anni Di Passioni" (100 Years of Passion).

Written by Pier Bergonzi and Elio Trifari the large format book has 256 pages and 289 photographs from the archives of the Gazzetta dello Sport. Published by Rizzoli Libri the cost is 14.99 euro.

Photo: book cover

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  1. I'll bet the name change was at least in part because while the Giro is celebrating a century of existence, 2009 represents only the 92nd edition of the race, making the new title a bit more accurate. At a century old, the Giro is really celebrating 92 years of racing.

  2. I take it the book is in Italian? Are there any talks about translations or do the almost 300 pictures not need translation.

  3. Yes, the book is in Italian. I doubt it would be translated. Photos with captions should be understandable...

  4. Buy from the publisher's website:

  5. After reading the review here, I ordered a copy of this book and it arrived very quickly (via FedEx!) I have basic Italian and it is no problem to read. The photos are great and I think this would be a good recommendation for any Giro fan.