Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Fast Can Mario Cipollini Descend?

Remember the Cipollini "Bond: Open Your Eyes" video?

Here is behind the scenes look of the recording of the descent in Lucca. It comes with this warning: DO NOT IMITATE!

Cipollini Bond - Behind the scene 1 from Mcipollini on Vimeo.

Speaking of Mario, he's in Miami for the Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia. Today was the official presentation at the Miami City Hall.
Today is the last day to register online; you can also register in-person on Saturday at the Expo. Details at  sit

And, speaking of the Expo: Sarto Cycles, the "Handmade in Veneto Italy" framebuilder, will be at the Expo with a few bikes, including the Cima Coppi and Brezza, and perhaps a few frames.

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  1. No descents like this in Miami! Larry says it's obvious Mario's a skilled descender but the fact the camera moto so easily keeps up with him suggests he's not really going all that fast. Other than some sketchy pavement it looks like a fun descent - there are some very fun examples all over the Appennine mountains running the length of the Italian "boot". Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great vid. great fun to see Super Mario tearing it up. Obviously the dude keeps himself in shape and skill set sharp.
    BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE WHY ISNT HE WEARING A HELMET???? Is it just me or is it irresponsible to show someone bombing a descent like this w/o a helmet? yes, yes, I know he cannot mess his oh so stylish hair but COME ON NOW.

  3. Awesome video. I so want to go to Italy and ride roads like that.

    @Anonymous - I don't feel that it's irresponsible at all. If you want to wear a helmet go right ahead but give others the choice to go without.