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2015 Giro d'Italia Jerseys

​For the last 20 years Santini Maglificio Sportivo, this year celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, has developed the jerseys for the Giro d’Italia, guaranteeing that all the apparel of the Corsa Rosa continues to have a true Italian soul.

This year the jerseys were designed by Lebole, a menswear fashion brand synonymous with elegance and Italian style, whilst being produced by Santini.

This year sponsorship of the four classification jerseys are as follows - the Pink Jersey, distinguishing the overall leader, is sponsored Balocco; the Blue Jersey, denoting the leader of the mountains classification is sponsored by Banca Mediolanum; the Red Jersey denoting the leader of the points classification is sponsored by Algida and the White Jersey reserved for the best young rider under 25 is sponsored Eurospin.

Aside from all four classification jerseys, Santini has created a special capsule collection of jerseys dedicated the Giro d’Italia. This collection features one very special garment: the legendary Maglia Nera - Black Jersey.

There was a time in the history of the Giro d’Italia when the competition to finish first was not the only prize on offer. The honor and glory justly reserved for the race winner was at one point curiously also handed out to the race loser. The rider who obtained this “reverse” result was granted the honor of wearing the Black Jersey; an award that was instituted in 1946 and continued until 1951 (Giovanni Pinarello won it in 1951). Within its short lived existence the race for the Black Jersey provided countless surprising and often charming strategies to obtain this prize. It was commonplace for riders to fake punctures, contrive mechanical problems and employ various other underhanded strategies designed to enable them to cross the finish line last. The blurred line between truth and legend doesn’t matter, what is certain is that the Maglia Nera will always remain a true symbol of cycling history. An era that Santini wanted to honor by creating a version of the Black Jersey for all fans of cycling.

In addition to the legendary Black Jersey Santini wanted to include in its new capsule collection a series of jerseys that paid homage to specific stages of the 2015 Giro d’Italia; basing the designs of these four unique garments around the history and landscapes associated with these special stages of the 2015 race.

In the first stage from LORENZO AL MARE to SANREMO, riders will be faced with a very challenging team time trial - running along 17.6 km of beautiful Ligurian coastline from San Lorenzo al Mare to San Remo. As such Santini has devoted a jersey specifically to this stage, referencing the colors of the sea while celebrating the unique and inimitable Italian Riviera.

The first uphill finish of the 2015 Giro, stage five from LA SPEZIA to ABETONE, will see the athletes tackling 17.3km of climbing, the last part of which will see them face a finish into town of Abetone, sitting at a height of 928 meters above sea level. The jersey commemorating the finish into Abetone not only references the beautiful mountain landscape but also notes the town’s relationship to Giacomo Puccini, the famous Italian composer who in 1903 whilst living in the area wrote a large portion of his masterpiece Madame Butterfly; referenced on the jersey by the red butterfly and subtle tree pattern.

The third jersey celebrates the return after 23 years of a Giro stage into Imola, centred on the truly prestigious venue of the Autodromo Ferrari. Stage ​eleven from FORLÌ to IMOLA will not be easy; before entering the velodrome the riders will have to negotiate the same roads as used for the 1968 World Championships won by Vittorio Adorni. The flame red jersey that celebrates this stage exudes references to true Italian style and speed, perfectly capturing the essence of the Giro d’Italia.

Finally, the fourth jersey, is dedicated to stage ​fourteen, TREVISO to VALDOBBIADENE - the punishing individual time trial that covers 59.2km in total. The setting of this stage will leave you breathless. A combination of flat and hilly sections that wind through the vineyards of the beloved Prosecco landscape; a true symbol of Italian identity worthy of being celebrated. Therefore, the jersey dedicated to this stage plays on the colors associated with a bottle of Prosecco.

For more information please visit:  www.santinisms.it/giro15

After a rest day yesterday the Giro resumes today with Stage 10, Civitanova Marche - Forlì, 200 flat kilometers. The race jersey holders at the start:


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