Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"La Storica", New Vintage Ride in Italy

My good friend Eros Poli (Monsieur Mont Ventoux, so called because of his stage victory there in 1994) was invited to participate in the 1st edition of this new event, "La Storica", on April 6th.

The 57 km ride begins and ends in Finale Ligure which is located on the Gulf of Genoa. Parts of the route are on "strada sterrate" (non-paved) roads. The intent of the organizers is to re-create the glory of cycling of years long ago and all riders of vintage bikes were welcomed.

The official website, http://www.lastorica.it/ is still under construction. You can see, however, the announcement in Italian (in pdf format) for this year's event at http://www.lastorica.it/locandina2.pdf

This ride would appear to be a Spring time alternative to the Fall "L'Eroica".

Photos: courtesy of Eros Poli


  1. Sounds like great fun. Here's a question for you : what tires would you take to ride on unpaved roads, especially climbs. I have a race coming up that features some roads like these and I usually ride 700x23c's.

  2. A friend of mine that rode the L'Eroica says, "I rode 700x27 Roly Polys. Andy (Hampsten) didn't recommend anything smaller than 700x25s. I can't remember exactly what each of the CR guys rode but I think it varied from 25s to 32s. Depends on who you ask.

    It seems like the more "racer" the person, the smaller the tire (25-28). The more "tourist" the person, the bigger the tire (28-32)."

  3. I do not look at it as an alternative but an addition to L'EROICA. Hopefully there will be one coming to our own neighborhoods some day.
    Tire choice I think is up to you but I have stayed with wider tires and had 0 flats in 3 visits to L'EROICA and Chianti.I have seen lots of flats which were probably related to narrow tires or overly vintage ones.

  4. I do not look at this as alternative to L'EROICA but an additional Vintage event.
    Tire choice is up to the individual but I have ridden wider tires and have had no flats or tire troubles(in 3 attempts at L'EROICA) Flats seem to come from either to vintage a tire (mostly sewups) or to narrow a clincher choice. Wider tires also help protect your rims as some of the dirt/gravel etc downhills are at considerable speed