Monday, May 5, 2008

Gruppo 1 Raduno, Part I

April 20th was our club's turn to sponsor a raduno. It was a gorgeous day and 430 cyclists registered for the event (there is only "day of" registration). Our event is very popular for several reasons: a great route, good food (pasta, sandwiches) and wine after the event, and nice prizes (based upon the number of participants per club).

Our club President, Beppe, invited Eros Poli to join us which was nice. You can see from one of the photographs that lead vehicles block the roads for the peleton. Do they do this anywhere else in the world for what is basically a social ride?

Photos: the prize stand; club members take their positions at the start, Eros Poli is in the white and red jersey; 430 riders; Eros establishes a comfortable pace for everyone, two of the official cars are ahead to shunt oncoming traffic off the roads; Ester in the group

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  1. A social ride of 420 people sounds very cool. Not sure you'd need a car with that amount in the peleton