Thursday, June 12, 2008

12th Le Cirque du Ciclisme

"Le Cirque" is the most important annual meeting in the United States of vintage bike enthusiasts. Started by Dale Brown, owner of Cycles d'Oro, in North Carolina the event moved this year to Leesburg, Virginia.

Hundreds of participants descended on Leesburg the weekend of June 5, 6 and 7 with their vintage bikes. During the weekend, participants attended forums and a banquet, their bikes were on display, and rides were organized.

"Le Cirque" also includes a category of builders called "Keeper Of the Flame" (KOF); these are current builders who build bikes along the lines of classic, steel, lugged bikes. One example of a KOF builder is Jamie Swan of New York who brought this example of his work:

For additional information visit the official website Note the dates for next year: June 6, 7 and 8, 2009. The site contains links to several collections of photographs, including this link to detailed photos of bikes


  1. Angelo,

    Did you go to this event?? Not sure if you remember me, but Bob Rodriguez introduced me to the club up in NJ and had many pleasant rides with you during the summer of 2003.

    I'm now down in VA, not far from Leesburg. I hope I didn't miss a chance to ride with you.

    -Chris Burgess
    (I had a light blue Cannondale R2000 at the time)

  2. ChrisB: Sure I remember. Please drop me an email

  3. Angel,
    That's my Frejus!

    Johnny Pergolizzi