Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back Home in New Jersey, USA

We departed Verona, Italy, on Saturday, May 31st and arrived the same day at our home in New Jersey. The flights from Verona to Munich and Munich to Newark, NJ, were fine but traveling with 2 cats (American and Italian) created delays at check-in Verona and going through immigration control at Munich.

Now we are busy getting resettled in our home and basically starting life all over......again. So much to do here after three years in Verona! Our daughter was fond of saying that her parents "ran away from home."

The Richard Sachs S&S coupled bike made the trip, I assembled it Sunday night, and managed to get a two hour ride in on Monday. A loop that was challenging 3 years ago seemed pretty easy.

We went to the supermarket and what did we discover? GIOVANNI RANA ravioli (these are REALLY GOOD!) and tortelloni from Verona! Hey, it not from the "Casa di Ravioli" of Verona but it will do until we start to make our own.

A stop at IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) for some pancakes (hmmmmm!!!) featured the TOUR de FRENCH Toast special. Looking at the waistlines I doubt many of the patrons are interested in the Tour de France.

We are happy to be home but dearly miss all our friends in Verona.

Photos: sign at IHOP, a variety of Rana products from Verona


  1. Hallo Angel, I'm Manu. I'm happy to know that your fly was good. I hope to see you again. Kisses.
    (Sorry for my bed english)


  2. Hi Angelo
    I've followed your blog all the way, and it inspired me so much, I'm off to live and cycle in France. I estimate I'm somewhere near your level of riding(interested in Granfondos etc)and was wondering what the best way to do it was. Did you transfer from a US club or just front up to a local club in Italy? Did you need any paperwork? Any advice would be helpful.


  3. transfers. please email me at