Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dream Comes True

Blog reader "Pete" wrote saying, "I ordered the red Chesin track frame that you recently talked about. I just wanted to say thanks for posting the previous Chesini picts on your blog. I bought a Chesini Olympiade in 1986 from Cycles de Oro (in North Carolina). It is has always been my favorite bike and I still ride it regularly. About six months ago I started looking into purchasing a handmade track bike. While discussing it with my wife I said I thought it would be great to have a Chesini track frame but thought it impossible. She googled "Chesini track frame" and your blog entry with the black and white frames came up. Shortly thereafter I contacted Paolo and made the order. He is very nice and made the whole process very enjoyable. So, thanks! Without your blog I would not have thought it was even a possibility" and, "It rides like a dream. I am sure I will enjoy this bike for years to come."
Contact paolo.nappa@chesini.it for more information.

Photos: Pete's 1986 ChesinI Olympiade, the new Chesini track frame in Verona upon completion, the Chesini in it's final build in the U.S.

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