Monday, August 4, 2008

NJ: "Mystery History Tour" Century Ride, Part I

Sunday, August 3rd, was the inaugural "Mystery History Tour", a Century (100 mile, 160.0 Km) bicycle ride the entire length of Route 519 from Greenville, New York to Stockton, New Jersey. This ride was a long held idea of John Kinsey and with the assistance of the staff Marty's Reliable Cycle ( it came to fruition. John also created a quiz and the person with the most correct answers at the finish won a prize.

I wasn't paying too much attention to the quiz questions, mainly concentrated on turning the peddles over 4,600 feet of climbing and taking in the vistas as we passed one small village after another. Route 519 is aligned north-to-south along the western edge of New Jersey.

Twenty one riders started and completed the ride on a beautiful day. In the photo above, L to R: Pete, Carlos, Susan, Marty, Johnnie, Jeff, TC, Patty, Angel, Joanne, Calvin, George, Jim, Kirk, Jay, John. Considerable planning was required since the riders and bikes had to be transported to Greenville, NY. Once we arrived in Stockton, NJ we would have to have transportation back home.

Photos: a good homemade dinner the night before, pasta with basil pesto; the van gets loaded up, Joann is very worried that her carbon Cervelo Soloist will get dumped on top of all the other bikes, and I had to wear my Gruppo 1 jersey; most of the group organized for a photo in front of Marty's bike shop in Hackettstown.

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