Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rumor: Campagnolo SOLD

Source: BIKE EUROPE, July 28th, http://www.bike-eu.com/news/3501/rumours-on-campagnolo.html

There are strong rumours going around in Europe as well as in Asia that Campagnolo has been sold. From various sources this trade journal heard that the sale of the complete company already took place.

Asked whether he could confirm or deny the sale, Campagnolo’s Marketing & Communication director Lorenzo Taxis said: “I am not going to give you an official answer on this, as this is not an official matter inside the company.”

Sources indicate that a Japanese company should have bought Campagnolo and with that of course Shimano springs to mind. A Shimano Europe spokesman said that he heard that rumours too, but that he could definitely deny any involvement of the Japan based component maker.

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