Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on: "Rumor: Campagnolo SOLD"

Source: BIKE EUROPE, July 29th,

VICENZA, Italy - Campagnolo has not been sold and is not for sale. That’s what the renowned Italian component maker is now officially saying to all its relations throughout the world.

Yesterday Bike Europe published in its e-Mail Newsletter and on its website an article saying that strong rumours in the bike industry in Europe as well as Asia indicate that Campagnolo has been sold. Asked whether he could confirm or deny the sale Campagnolo’s Marketing & Communication Director Lorenzo Taxis said yesterday: “I am not going to give you an official answer on this, as this is not an official matter inside the company.”

Maybe because Campagnolo got overwhelmed with reactions as since Bike Europe published the article close to 20,000 industry insiders have read the story on the website, the company and Lorenzo Taxis now states:

“Apparently summer temperature brings silly gossip! Campagnolo do not know who has the time to circulate crazy rumors; instead we prefer, as usual, not to waste time and concentrate on business. Campagnolo is not on sale ! Have a nice summer period and see you in September.”

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  1. "...Bike Europe published the article close to 20,000 industry insiders have read the story on the website"
    It really sounds like BIKE-EU.Com needs to reconsider how they publish stories without verifying facts. If they are going to publish a story, don't you think it's better to verify the facts and sources prior to publishing a story? Next time I read something on their website, I will have to remember Aesop's fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Shame on BIKE-EU.Com especially since they didn't really recant or apologize for their misleading story!

  2. CBIKE: I struggled with going/not going with the BIKE EU rumor knowing that they are the largest industry news publication in Europe. I didn't think they would get that story wrong. I don't know if BIKE EU learned a lesson, but I did.....