Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mark Cavendish Italian Weekend in Tuscany

Ride with Mark Cavendish, and his two highly trusted lead-out men Bernhard Eisel and Mark Renshaw, in Tuscany, October 7-10, 2011. Organized by La Fuga, who promise "an extremely exclusive weekend in the Tuscan countryside, giving you the chance to ride with Mark, Bernhard Eisel and Mark Renshaw. Stay in luxury whilst exchanging tactics with the men themselves and becoming part of the best lead-out train in history. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and fine wine on this a once in a lifetime trip.".

£6,000 ($9775.00; 6740 Euro), excluding airfare

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  1. $9775 for 4 days? You're kidding right? You could ride your bike in Italy for 4 months for that much money!

  2. I think it's intended for types that ride Cervelo R5CA frames at £7.5k ... bankers, perhaps. I understand firms wanting to make the sport seem a little more, well, up-market, sophisticated, exclusive, perhaps, but this is just ridiculous. What sort of insights do they really think Cav is going to reveal that you wouldn't get from reading his book? Nice for the craic, but it's marketing gone mad.