Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Deda Elementi: Superleggero Stem & Superleggera Handlebars

All new for 2013 from Deda Elementi are the Superleggero stem, Superleggera 31.7 mm diameter and Superleggera 35 mm diameter handlebars.

Superleggero Stem:
Deda Elementi's all-new Superleggero Stem is the result of their search for the ultimate functional shape, stripped of any excess. Made in 7050 3D forged aluminum alloy and using Ti screw fitments. Deda claims that it is the lightest production stem available; 99 grams at 110 mm length (80-90-100-120-130-140 mm, all in 31.7 clamp size). Available in Black Anodized and Black on Black.

Superleggera Handlebars:
Superleggera handlebars use a "revolutionary" new type of carbon fiber that allows Deda to shave every excess gram of weight. HR40 Tonne carbon fiber and a proprietary new hi-strength nanotechnology resin with a unidirectional carbon layup create a compact composite material that allows Deda to achieve a weight of 180 grams for a 42 cm (measured outside to outside). These handlebars will be available in 42 - 44 - 46 cm for 31.7. Finish in Carbon UD, Black on Black.

Deda's "35" handlebars (see Andre Greipel's setup here) will also be available in a Superleggera version. Same weight, sizes and finish available as the 31.7 handlebars.

You can read an interesting story about Dedacciai and Deda Elementi (both owned by the same owners) from here.

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