Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sticker Shock: Colnago C59 Pricing

The cutting edge Colnago C59 Disc is going to cost approximately $19,200/£11,999 according to a BikeRadar report. We have details of the bike from its first unveiling back in March, Part I and Part II. The BikeRadar reported pricing is for a Shimano Di2 version, a Campagnolo EPS version uis also available.

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  1. Sure, that's a lotta dough but everything's relative - back-in-the-day a pro-quality bike would set you back around $2-3K in the USA while a Japanese pickup truck could be had for around the same amount. Nowadays the cheap Japanese pickup trucks sold in the USA cost around $20K.

  2. Nice bike from Colnago, regular Colnago is non inovative manufactor but in this case not bad.

    But the prices of Colnago are crazzy

  3. Cool bike - but in no way, shape, or form - worth $19,200...