Monday, April 22, 2013

Michele Bartoli Crono Squadre (Team Time Trial)

Marco Mori, owner of Gusto Cycling-Auhtentic Italian Cycling Holidays, reports on the return participation in the "Crono Squadre della Versilia-Michele Bartoli".  In 2008, Bartoli launched the 1st edition of a variation on the granfondo for amateurs, a team time trail for amateurs held in the same way as the grand tours. The event is held in March in Forte dei Marmi, the course is 31 km in length.

Marco's report and video:

“Nonna’s La Squadra” came back to participate in the Michele Bartoli team time trial to try and improve on last years time and learn from experience. Well we did just that. a much stonger team this time and an agreement by all not to hang back for those who couldn’t keep the pace.

The evening before the usual one drink before bed was extended to 2 and then 3 but we did get to bed earlier then last year. In the morning Mirko (pro Masseur) popped in to give everyone a professional massage which gave everyone the focus for the morning ahead!!

NONNA’S la Squadra started off amazingly strong at well over 50kph in the first 10km!! The weather was cloudy with strong winds coming from the sea plus occassional rain. Massimo, my colleague, and I gave the guys lots of encouragement via the car horns and general shouts of support. The boys had a much slicker line throughout which made a huge difference to last year and constant regular changes at the front allowed the boys to recuperate. However, the very strong start began to show as the pace whilst still high began to take its toll and as the pace settled down to 43kph which was the average speed.

The team began to shed 1,2 and in the last 10km a 3rd rider retired….with 5km remaining a 4th rider, Matt, fell back and I thought that was it….the team was down to 4!!! But after 1km Matt Rodgers emerged from the rain, passed the car and stormed back within the group (see’s true!) much to the surprise of his team mates…a super effort by Matt to get back on allowed the minimum 5 riders to gain an official time and position.

Nonna’s La Squadra achieved a 2 minute improvement on last year and 30 places with a time of 43m 58s in 43kph average speed..the team came in 78th Place from 165 teams a great effort…..the winning team was 37m 06sec in 50.12kph!!!

After cycle ride for well earned lunch in the artifarti town of Pietrasanta and to the 2nd most expensive wine cellar in Italy!!"

Michele Bartoli Team Time Trial - Tuscany - Nonna's La Squadra came back!! from Gusto Cycling on Vimeo.

Marco's 2012 report and video are here.

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