Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cooking on the road, by Buzzatti

It’s the last week at the Tour de France, before the final, decisive week that will decide who will follow Chris Froome into the league of champions for the most important cycling stage race in the world.

At Carcassonne, the town hosting the start of the 16th stage, not everyone got to rest. Moreover, an important presentation took place: it was a veritable fusion between two and four wheels. Buzzatti Trasporti, a European leader in the sector for more than fifty years, and team Cannondale Pro Cycling, unveiled a new vehicle for the team: a truck set up as a kitchen, where the team's chef Massimo Carolo for the Italian formation can cook and delight the taste buds of one of the strongest cyclists in the world, Peter Sagan, and of all his team mates, as well as the many guests who come every day to follow the quests of the champions led by Roberto Amadio. Buzzatti Trasporti is already a partner of team Cannondale Pro Cycling and we wanted to invest in this important project. The company chose one of the most important World Tour formations to spread awareness and appreciation of its brand throughout Europe, betting everything on excellence, a factor shared by all of the enterprises involved: Buzzatti Trasporti, Italian cuisine and team Cannondale Pro Cycling.

“Cooking on the road, by Buzzatti”: this is the slogan we’ve chosen for this new project and we want it to be our calling card in all the races in which we’ll take part with our portable kitchen-truck,” says Mario Buzzatti, owner of the Buzzatti Trasporti Company “For more than fifty years we’ve been working in the sector of international transportation, especially of raw materials for food, so it seemed only logical that we should set up a truck that could carry the excellence of our transportation and that of Italian food along the roads of the most important cycling events in the world. To do this, we could do no less than form an allegiance with Team Cannondale, particularly with their Team Manager Roberto Amadio, who was enthusiastic about our proposal, and who I wish to thank wholeheartedly for the unconditional support he has shown us. The truck we developed is an important investment from many perspectives, but we are certain that it will be a fantastic promotional vehicle for the company, a “mobile” showcase that can give even more brilliance to Buzzatti Trasporti. I wish all the luck in the world to all of team Cannondale Pro Cycling for this final week in the Tour de France, as well as for the rest of the season, in the hope that, in addition to discovering and supporting new champions, we can continue sharing in the joys of all the victories achieved by these remarkable guys.”

"This new vehicle is a real jewel" says the team manager Roberto Amadio. "Nutrition is one of the main aspects to ensure the best performance during a Grand Tour. From many years we have introduced chef Massimo Carolo in our staff and now we also have a traveling kitchen that allows us to suit all our needs. A special thanks goes to Mario Buzzatti for this new creation and for the support that always shows us.”

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  1. Larry says "a long way from back-in-the-day at LeTour when the Italian teams were photographed boiling pasta and adding jarred sauce in someone's camper!"