Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"PRODIGIOSA" by Aldo Gios

"PRODIGIOSA" is a new brand, separate from Gios, by Aldo Gios. PRODIGIOSA stands for PRO.DI.GIOS.A. - Progetti di Gios Aldo.

The frames incorporate the patented innovations of Aldo Gios, who began framebuilding in 1962,  that have graced Gios frames in the past.

The website is www.prodigiosa.it and also on Facebook here.

Background: as I understand it, in 2009 the Gios brothers, Aldo and  Alfredo, went their separate ways and the GIOS brand was split. "Gios Torino" frames made by Aldo were limited to sales in Italy. Now, the PRODIGIOSA by Aldo Gios is available worldwide.

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