Sunday, February 4, 2007

East to Soave

After a long morning stroll around Verona exploring old palazzi with E., I took a solo ride eastward to Soave. The fog from yesterday was gone and it was a gorgeous sunny day with the temperature at 12C (54F). The idea was to go for an easy spinning ride and just enjoy the afternoon sun.

While riding west from Verona to Lago di Garda is immensely popular I also enjoy riding east into the Soave region and into the walled city of Soave. One of the few medieval walled cities still entirely surrounded by its walls, Soave has entrances through only three towers: Porta Verona, Porta Aquila and Porta Vicentina. Soave was populated during the Roman era and most of the important buildings in Soave date from the Middle Ages and beyond, like the Scaligero castle, which looms above the city on a steep hill.
Soave is also known for its fine wine of the same name. Within Verona province we have the wine regions of Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino and Custoza. How lucky can someone get?
Photos: the castello (castle) at Soave in the distance and vineyards.

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