Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Book "Official Treasures of Le Tour de France"

Eros stopped by and gave me this English text, coffee table sized book. If you have a collection of such books this would be a worthwhile addition due to its unique design. The ISBN / Catalogue Number is 9780733321368.

It is a lavishly illustrated story of the Tour de France, including reproductions of documents and memorabilia from its 100 year history. The Official Treasures' combines a written history and a living museum exhibit. The carefully researched historical text on the Tour weaves its way through the pages, while simultaneously showing why it is such a compelling annual event. Uniquely, this book contains superb items of removable facsimile memorabilia slipped into the pages, plus photographs – some never seen before – that not only bring the text to life but show other personal items from long-forgotten tours. You can learn why a rider screamed "Murderers" at the organisers, how fans wait for the publicity caravan almost as eagerly as the riders, the evolution of the coloured jerseys and the stories behind the memorabilia.

The author, Serge Laget, was born in 1947 and after first learning about the Tour de France in 1954 was immediately enchanted by it. He has covered the race as a journalist for L'Equipe since 1987 in addition to his quarter of a century as head of the quality control department for exhibits at the Musee des Sport at the Parc des Princes in Paris. He has written many books on cycling, including Le Cyclisme, Le Saga du Tour de France, and La Belle Epoque du Cyclisme. He won France's highest sporting literary prize for Le Grand Livre du Sport Feminin in collaboration with his wife.

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