Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Answers to the End Of Year Contest, 2007

The question was: Name the regions of Italy from which winners of the Giro d'Italia have come from, and the total number of victories attributed to each region.

The tie break question was: Name the southern most region that a winner of the Giro d'Italia was from.

The answers appeared in the Gazzette dello Sport, the sponsor of the Giro:
26 Lombardia
5 Binda
3 Gimondi
2 Galetti, Gotti, Savoldelli
1 Ganna, Oriani, Belloni, Pesenti, Guerra, Bergamaschi, Motta, Bertoglio, Visentini, Bugno, Garzelli, Basso

19 Piedmonte
5 Coppi
3 Brunero
2 Girardengo, Valetti, Balmamion, Saronni
1 Enrici, Marchisio, Camusso

8 Toscana
3 Bartali, Magni
1 Nencini, Chioccioli

5 Emilia-Romagna
1 Calzolari, Baldini, Pambianco, Adorni, Pantani

3 Trento-AltoAdige
2 Simoni
1 Moser

2 Veneto
1 Battaglin, Cunego

1 Abruzzo
1 Di Luca

Abruzzo is the southern most region where a winner has come from, and that was just last year (2007).
No one submitted the correct answer. "Ron" came close so a consolidation prize is awarded (Ron leave me your email address in the comments).

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