Monday, May 5, 2008

Gruppo 1 Raduno, Part II

After the raduno the participants eat and drink.

After the raduno the club also has a tradition of lunch at the club's HQ to celebrate a successful raduno.

Photos: riders get their panini and pasta, pasta ragu, lots of wine; at the club HQ we celebrate with classic Veronese dishes (bollito misto with peara') and more wine (note 7 bottles on one table).


  1. Two questions:
    1) With the Raduno rides, do you (clubs) allow visiting people to join in?
    2) My Wife and Son want to visit GardaLand at sometime in May or June, this just does not interest me at all, I was thinking of doing a couple of one day rides in the area, if available, would you be interested in joining me.

  2. please email me at

  3. By coincidence, my club's annual "Easter Ride" was also April 20th. For the 2nd year running, I was event coordinator. We too had beautiful weather that attracted over 750 riders ... but no Tour de France stage winners, no Veronese scenery, and alas, no wine! You'll find this funny: one fellow came up to me after finishing and said "Nice ride, but a bit too hilly." Imagine that!

  4. "Nice ride, but a bit too hilly." That's funny.

  5. Great photo's. Looks more like a family gathering