Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vittoria: ISOgrip, New Racing Compound for Tires

ISOgrip, unveiled at EuroBike, is the name of Vittoria’s newest compound for road racing tires. According to Vittoria, ISOgrip takes tire compounds to the next level and it’s the first product coming out of the company’s new compound factory in Thailand that will be officially opened next January (see this story about the factory).

ISOgrip been secretly tested during Giro d’Italia and Tour de France by pro teams such as Rabobank and is now available to the public. Vittoria’s entire cotton family, from Corsa CX to Pavé CG, has the new innovative compound.

According to Vittoria the new tires have spectacular test results saying, "“By comparing the laboratory tests with the previous developed compound Kevlar SiO2, ISOgrip holds the identical mechanical properties, improves cut resistance, increases wet grip and reaches a level of adherence to the ground never felt before, without any increase in the rolling resistance. ISOgrip defines maximum grip and speed in performance tires. On dry or wet road conditions, ISOgrip® will take you beyond your limits. ISOgrip is our new reference standard”

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