Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chesini Club Ride

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning, clear blue skies, strong sun and 6C (43F) at 8:30 a.m. so it was a day for riding. I decided to join the Chesini club ride today that departs at 9:30 a.m. from a dam along the Adige River in Verona.

I hadn't had a chance to ride my Pinarello since I changed saddles so I brought a wrench to make minor adjustments if needed. Even though I measured and re-measured everything at home my bones were just not in the right spot. So I pulled over to adjust things and ran into trouble. After loosening up the seat collar and moving the seatpost I just couldn't clamp it down, the bolt was just not grabbing. With time running out to make the ride I determined that the receiver for the bolt must have moved. Fooled around for a bit and finally was able to screw things down.

I had to motor to the start where I met Eros and the group. Eros is the new President of the Chesini club and is leading Saturday rides. I should add that most of my own club members that ride through the winter are off on vacation in Kenya. So, I'm picking up rides here and there in the mean time.

Things started easily enough but soon we were motoring to Lago di Garda. Arriving there we did some small climbs and then Eros went to the front and pulled us along really fast. I was working pretty good, he was soooooo relaxed; if he's a V8 I must have the watts of a lawnmower motor. Sigh. We didn't stop for espresso (I'm addicted) so it was a quick return to Verona for a total of a 3 hour ride.

Photo is of Lago di Garda; the boats are in the small bay at Bardolino (where the wine of the same name comes from). Actually, now is a great time to ride to the lake as there isn't much traffic. In July and August it is very busy at the lake with lots of traffic. Summer the rides will head north into the Lessinia mountains or east to Soave (more wine county) and the hills there. Cooler, less traffic.

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