Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lago di Garda

It was 9C (48F) today so I joined the San Zeno group ride. They must have all taken EPO over the last few days because we were motoring after the first half hour. By the time we got back to Verona my legs were ready to fall off.

In the map above you can see Verona, in reddish, at the bottom right hand corner. We typically wind our way to the Lago on back roads arriving at Lazise or Bardolino. From there we head north along the eastern coast of the lake (the road is right along the coastline) to Garda or Torri de Benaco. At this time of the season we will do some small amount of climbing and work our way back to Verona on different roads.
In a few months we will be climbing up Monte Baldo which is the big mountain along the eastern shore. Now it's snow covered as it reaches 5,250 feet in altitude.
Spring and Summer there will be rides north of the lake into Trento and even further north to Bolzano (for an overnight stay).
To give you a sense of the size of Lago di Garda:
- it's Italy's largest lake, 230 square miles of surface area,
- a ride around the lake is approximately 112 miles,
-Bounded by three provinces: Verona, Trento and Brescia
-loaded with tourists in the summer with many, many Germans
You can see some webcams of the lake here:

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