Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Giro della Puglia

After the Pedalata in Rosa the next planned trip is the annual Gruppo 1 one week club ride. This year it is to Puglia, the "heel" of Italy.

Last year we did a giro around the entire island of Corsica, a 650 km ride with lots of climbing. That left little time for enjoying the beaches so this year's tour will be decidedly less intense. This year we are "only" riding 565 to 600 Km.

We will be taking the club van and two cars from Verona and driving to Castellaneta Marina, a distance of 890 Km.

The giro stages will be:

Castellaneta Marina to Gallipoli

Gallipoli to Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme to Otranto, interior ride and back to Santa Cesarea

Santa Cesarea Terme to Torre Canne

Torre Canne to Ostuni, interior ride and back to Torre Canne

Torre Canne to Castellaneta Marina

Then return to Verona

The ride plan calls for always riding the coastal roads, except for going into the interior as indicated.

Full story and photos when I get back.
Photo: the dark green section of Italy is the Puglia region

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