Saturday, May 19, 2007

Get Well Wishes for Dario Pegoretti

Dario is a very well respected Italian frame builder. He's immensely popular with Americans and about 99% of his production is exported to the USA. Although he's from Verona province I've seen less than a hand full of Pegoretti bikes here. I haven't met Dario in person but we have communicated many times. He's been very helpful in answering questions about some of the more obscure Veronese builders. So, it was with quite a bit of shock that I learned of this announcement by Dario:

May 18, 2007

I know some of you have been patiently waiting for frames that are in the works. In some cases it has been many months. For this I apologize.Unfortunately, I have been sick off and on for the past six weeks or so and often couldn't find the energy to work. It became so bad that I sought medical attention. After extensive testing I have just learned that I have cancer, in the form of Lymphoma. I will start treatment, including chemotherapy, next week. My doctors tell me that the response to these types of treatments is individual. Different people can react to the treatments in vastly different ways. They cannot predict how it will affect me. It is not known if I will be able to return to work the day after each session or if it will be two weeks or even longer before I have the strength. I do, however, have the desire to fight this disease on my own terms, not from a recovery bed. I will continue work to complete the orders I have in hand as well new orders as they come in. However, I cannot put a timetable on any orders at this juncture. Please continue to be patient and be assured that no short cuts will be taken to rush frames out the door that aren't up to my usual standards. If you have questions or concerns about your order, pending or future, my well being or anything else please direct them to the Dario Pegoretti distributor in your country. While I enjoy receiving emails from customers around the world I will not be answering them for the foreseeable future. Please accept my apology for this and understand that I will still read every email I receive. Ciao,Dario"

Here's to wishing Dario well in his battle.

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