Sunday, May 27, 2007

Brent Visits Verona Again

Brent, from Orlando, Florida, was coming once again on a European business trip so he contacted me about the possibility of hooking up with some rides in Verona again. The three day weekend was perfect because some interesting rides happened to be scheduled:

Friday afternoon: ride the Pissarotta into the hills west of Verona

Saturday: Gruppo 1 club ride to Borghetto and Castellaro Lagusello

Sunday: Eros Pollo group ride to Spiazzi and Monte Baldo

After concluding his business in Milano on Friday a.m. Brent took the train to Verona, with his trusty Hampsten S&S coupled bike, and settled into a hotel. We met a 4pm for the Pissarotta ride. First, we took a detour up the Torricelli climb that was used in the 2004 road world championships that were held here in 2004. It was the first time I rode the Pissarotta in the late afternoon and the colors on the hills were were quite beautiful.

The Saturday club ride took us to Borghetto. Borghetto, a name of Lombard origin that means “fortified settlement,” is the first settlement that developed near the ford across the Mincio river. From there we visited the Castellaro Lugasello which was built between 1100 and 1200.

The Sunday Eros Poli group ride took off like a jet at 0800 and did the big climbs at Monte Baldo, starting with the climb to Spiazzi.

When we got together for the farewell dinner on Sunday night it was pretty evident that we had gotten in plenty of riding as we both looked pretty tired. I estimate we managed 240km +.
Photos: Brent near Castagne after the Pissarotta, the old Austrian barracks overlooking Montorio, Borghetto, Brent with Gruppo 1 at Castellaro Lagusello, Brent with Eros Poli

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