Saturday, June 16, 2007

Citta di Bardolino Triathlon

My Saturday ride today to Lake Garda came across the "Triathlon Bardolino", the 24th edition of this tri. Bardolino is a lovely town on Lake Garda and today was a beautiful, sunny, and clear day. It's your classic tri event: very fit people, pump-me-up music, shopping area for clothing, bikes, etc. I enjoy the mood of tri's, everyone is upbeat and when it's over everyone has a good time.

Triathlon "Città di Bardolino" is an international event that uses the Olympic distance of triathlon: swimming race km1.5, cycling race km40, and running race km10. The event is promoted by Bardolino City Hall together with the G.S. Triathlon Bardolino club, and F.I.TRI (the Italian national triathlon federation). Athletes of both sexes can participate if they are affiliated to F.I.TRI or, if foreigners, to the national Federation of their country. Foreign athletes must have a permit from their Federation. I wish I were a swimmer, I'd definitely would be participating. The official website is, and there are English instructions for registering.

Photos: swim course (the start point is "Lido Cornicello"), bike course profile, Lido Cornicello were the swim departs on the left side and arrives back on the right side, swimmers nearing the swim finish, a few of the hills surrounding Bardolino where the cycling leg takes place and you can also see all the bikes behind the green banners. By the way, you can click on most of the photos in my blog to see them in a larger format.

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