Friday, June 1, 2007

Cycling Art by Antonio Tamburro

The Galleria Ghelfi in Verona has, as part of the Giro festivities, an art exhibit on display by Italian painter Antonio Tamburro. The exhibit is entitled, "Il CICLISMO E I SUOI PROTAGONOSTI". Besides being a fine artist Mr. Tamburro is a passionate cycling fan.

The images above are of some of the works that appealed to me. I love the "epic" era of cycling so these appealed to me the most:
Bartali 1950
Coppi 1954
Stelvio 1953

For more information on Mr. Tamburro's paintings contact:

Piazza Delle Erbe 31,

37121 Verona
+39045595995 (info), +39045597375 (fax)

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  1. We are a group of (old)cyclists, that meet at: We love the art, and some of our members would like to purchase a painting. I gave your address. Kind regards, Happy Christmas, Andre Jansen.