Thursday, August 2, 2007

2nd Anniversary in Verona

Our 2nd anniversary in Verona is today. Leaving family and friends behind, changing cultures, languages, and in general starting life from zero is not something for the timid. Not to mention acquiring visas, permessi di soggiorno, and overcoming other bureaucratic hurdles.

Cycling wise it has been a tremendously positive change. Which isn't to say I don't miss my cycling buddies in NJ and their craziness. Having started this blog on January 1st so I've missed writing about 17 months of my cycling life in Italy. Perhaps I'll go back and write about some of the trips from that period.

Photos: a view of Verona, and the Roman built Ponte Pietra, from above the Teatro Romano; the earliest photo I could find with me in it (Nov/Dec 2005) and before I was a member of the Gruppo 1 club; a sunset on the Adige River in Verona as seen from Ponte Nuovo with the Chiesa Santa Anastasia bell tower on the left bank and the Teatro Romano on the right bank.


  1. HAppy anniversary! Here is a picture of a friend in a well known place to you, though you did not have snow when you were there.
    Do you know who cyclingfrEddie is now.


  2. From the CR world, right? Great photos but lousy weather! I wouldn't have liked climbing the switchbacks in the snow.

  3. Where you riding with Michael E.? I met him at a bike shop picking up supplies(for your trip?)!

  4. Not from the CR world. From the NJ world. Not with Michael E. This table is very familar,

  5. ok, I know cyclingfreddie; but, who is in the photo?!

  6. Angel, it's me cyclingfr Eddie H. I sat at that table with you and most of the same people in your photo. Princeton Event was yesterday. I stayed indoors, very hot and humid.... About 20 of my friends did the century with hope of a 20mph adverage.... Hope you and E. are well.