Saturday, March 8, 2008

CT Review, February, 2008

This issue, of 260 pages, featured stories on preparing for the granfondo season, a calendar listing of 165 gran fondos, a detailed review of the new course of the Granfondo Campagnolo (more difficult than ever at 216 km with 5,200 meters of climbing),
a comparison of the "pacchi gara" (entry gifts) given by the major gran fondos, how to maintain your bottom bracket, reviews of the LOOK 586 and the ParkPre RS99
a USA coast to coast ride being orgainized for July/August,

and a section on touring in the Piemonte region.

and many other items of interest. CT Magazine does offer foreign subsciptions at the following 1 and 2 year EURO rates for surface and airmail:


86.00/172.00 (1 & 2 years, surface); 104.00/208.00 (1 & 2 years, air)

America, Africa, Asia:

surface same as Europe; 147.00/294.00 (1 & 2 years, air)


surface same as Europe; 173.00/346.00 (1 & 2 years, air)

At the time of subscription for an additional 6 Euro you can purchase a CT jersey and bib shorts kit.

For additional information email:

REMEMBER: this magazine is published entirely in Italian.

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