Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Destined To Be A Classic: Bianchi D2

In addition to its fleet of new Bianchi road machines, Barloworld riders now have proper time trial rigs from the heralded Italian company as well. According to Bianchi product development manager Lars Svalin, the all-new D2 was conceived with a balance of rigidity, weight and aerodynamics in mind.

As such, the head tube, down tube and chain stays are dramatically oversized while the T-shaped top tube and spindly seat stays are pared down for weight savings. The chain stays also bear unique pass-through ports that supposedly further improve rigidity by adding surface area.

Up front, the bladed fork is equipped with a long trailing crown to help ease airflow transition to the down tube and the deep-profile seat tube includes a close-fitting cutout for the rear wheel. Bianchi specifies the D2 with a 76 degree seat tube angle but an adjustable head for the integrated design will allow for substantial fore-aft movement to accommodate both time trial and triathlon applications.

Claimed frame weight is 1350g; the matching fork is said to be 450g.

Photo: copyright Bianchi; text from


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