Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ottusi Saddles

Going back 40, 50 years or so....

There was a gentleman by the name of Giuseppe Ottusi in Milan, considered "the master" in saddle modifications. He would purchase saddles, such as a Brooks saddle, and modify them. This work would would often be carried out for professional riders. The modifications would include shaping the saddle, making it softer, making it more breathable, and changing the height of the saddle (to rails). The costs of the modifications typically exceeded the cost of the saddle. Ottusi modified saddles have his name stamped in one or two rivets.

While Ottusi was considered "the" master in Milan, the last of these craftsman was Giorgio Siligardi of Vignola.

They are relatively rare and are sought out by collectors for their bicycle restoration projects.

If anyone has more information about either of these saddles please leave a comment.
Photos: top photo is frfom a saddle sold on ebay in the Netherlands in 2009


  1. I still use an Ottusi saddle on my bike. It's been made in 1961 and looks beautiful. I bet it will still be around in 2061...

  2. @Frank: send a few photos to my email (address at end of every blog post)

  3. Is there a way to date an Ottusi when you don't know the history? I recently acquired one and would like to find more information.

    Thanks for this post. That is a beautiful example of his work you have posted.


  4. @BB: I've been working for awhile on obtaining more information. Hopefully, I will have some in the future.