Saturday, January 24, 2009

Armstrong to Race Milan-Sanremo, "La Primavera"

Lance Armstrong has announced that he will make his first appearance, ever, in an Italian race when he enters "La Primavera", Milan-Sanremo, on March 21st. It's the longest race of the season at 294km.

The climbing on the way to the Ligurian coast is not hard. At the end of the course, however, are a series of hills that challenge the riders who have already put in over 200 km. The most famous of these are the Cipressa and Poggio. After these hills they must still preserve enough energy to sprint on the via Roma in Sanremo.

One of the fabulous aspects about cycling in Italy is that you can often ride all, or parts, of the same courses the professionals do. Milan-Sanremo is a case in point. On the following day, March 22nd, you can ride a portion of the course as part of "Milano-Sanremo cicloturistica" event. The 120km course begins in Lungomare Calvino and will include the Cipressa and Poggio climbs. This year they will have a special jersey as well. Information can be requested from

Photos: Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland won in 2008, along the Ligurian coast, the route and profile; cicloturistica route

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