Thursday, January 29, 2009

Granfondo Colnago

Ernesto Colnago's frames are among the most highly regarded in cycling. Owners of a Colnago are passionate cyclists. Combine these with beautiful and challenging routes and you have the reason for the Granfondo Colnago being in the top tier of granfondo events in Italy. If you are reading about a "granfondo" for the first time and need an explanation of what it is see this entry:

Registration for the 5th edition, September 6th, has now opened and the 4,000 slots will fill quickly. Three routes, beginning in Piacenza, are available: granfondo of 156 km with 2,700 meters of climbing, medio fondo of 125 km with 1,700 meters of climbing, and a short course of 70 km with 600 meters of climbing. Finishers in the granfondo and medio fondo are classified according to their times.

Event details (in Italian):

Photos: event logo and photos, route map, profile of the granfondo route
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  1. Love the new look of your blog. Stelvio is my favorite climb too!

  2. Thanks Ron! Why don't you write something for the blog?