Saturday, January 3, 2009

Campagnolo 2nd in Best 2008 Product Poll

11,500 voters voted in the annual Best Product poll at SRAM Red was voted number 1 followed by Campagnolo's 11 speed Super Record. The top 5 products:

1 SRAM Red 3676 votes, 31.97%

2 Campagnolo Super Record 2375 votes, 20.66%

3 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 1458 votes, 12.68%

4 Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 1221 votes, 10.62%

5 Road Tubeless 817 votes, 7.11%

Story by James Huang of

"SRAM can now be considered a newcomer to the road bike componentry market in name only, having taken its third consecutive win in the 'best product' category with its Red group even over Campagnolo's all-new Super Record ├╝ber-package and the upcoming tech-heavy electronic Dura-Ace Di2 from Shimano.

Quick-shifting Zero Loss lever internals, innovative DoubleTap shift actuation, standard hybrid ceramic bearings and a heavy dose of carbon fiber and titanium are but a few of Red's attributes but its most defining characteristic is easily its reassuringly positive feel replete with tactile feedback. Add in the sub-2kg total weight and superb ergonomics and it should perhaps come as no surprise that SRAM continues to maintain its lead.

Campagnolo certainly lay down easily with its stunning Super Record group. The return of the heralded nameplate brought with it a jump to an 11-speed cassette, drastically revamped front and rear derailleurs, ceramic bearings and refined lever ergonomics - with possibly the most comfortable hoods in the business. Many will still debate the need for an additional cog out back but the group’s exceptionally high level of performance would be impressive regardless.

Shimano's long-awaited Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting group lands in third spot - and could possibly change the way we think about shifting forever. Shift performance both front and rear is significantly smoother than anything else we've experienced in our initial testing - especially under power - though rather lacking in feedback. A late introduction means we’ll still have to wait a few months before beginning to gauge public opinion of its real-world performance but the numbers clearly indicate that Shimano has at least seriously piqued our interest. "

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