Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Backlash about Noè's Exclusion from Giro d'Italia

When Liquigas announced that Andrea Noè would not be on their Giro d'Italia squad the news was expected to be "non-notizia" (non-news). However, there has been a backlash from the tifosi all across Italy which are calling upon Liquigas to include Noè in the 100th anniversary Giro. Why?

Andrea Noè is the oldest, at 40 years 3 months old, active Italian professional rider. He is also the active rider to have worn the pink jersey the most years in the past having taken a stage and the pink jersey in 1998 (and by the way, also wearing the pink jersey for two days in 2007). Having started racing in 1993 he was racing then against Argentin and Fondriest. A domestique for Rominger and Olano, Tonkov and Bartoli, Bettini and Di Luca. On Mapei, Asics, Mapei-Quick Step, Alessio, and since 2005 with Liquigas. Fifteen Giro di Italia's in sixteen years.

Noè has remained fit and competitive as he dreamed to race in the Giro del Centenario and now his non-selection has created a drumbeat for his re-instatement. Mapei's sponsor, Giorgio Squinzi, said it best, "To exclude him shows a lack of understanding of certain values."

Photo: Noè in pink

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