Friday, April 24, 2009

Flèche Wallonne, Davide Rebellin, Unico1

Davide Rebillin used his experience from two previous Flèche Wallonne victories to win his 3rd on the final Mur of Huy climb on April 22nd. Not bad for a 37 year old! Video (audio begins at 24 seconds) of the final battle to the finish line:

Rebellin was wearing a helmet hand painted by Cornelio Perini who came up with the design to promote the UNICO1 organization( Rebellin is one of the leaders of this organization which has been formed to help seriously ill babies.

Photos: Rebellin on the Muy on his Guerciotti (Sirotti photo), the winning move with 200m to go (ISPA photo), painter Cornelio Perini holding Rebellin's road and TT helmets

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  1. Cool story about the helmet - but Dani would have crushed Rebellin on the mur, had he been allowed to race.