Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gran Fondo Damiano Cunego

The Gran Fondo Damiano Cunego is scheduled for June 7, 2009, the race starts in Verona . With Cunego, the “Piccolo Principe”, always present it has become a very popular gran fondo, last year surpassing 3,000 riders in its 3rd edition.

This year is also the 10th anniversary of Cunego's World Championship Juniors' victory (on a Fontana bike by the way) that took place in Verona in 1999. Each participant in this year's gran fondo will receive a commemorative medallion celebrating that historic victory.

The routes options and climbing stats for this gran fondo:
-Granfondo: 150 km, 3,518 meters of climbing; the climbs include Erbezzo, Boscochiesanuova, Campofontana, SS Trinità and San Rocco.
-Mediofondo: 90 km, 1.740 meters of climbing; in Velo the route descends towards Roveré thereby avoiding the climbs of Campofontana and SS Trinità.
-Fondo “Giulietta&Romeo”: 60 km, 960 meters of climbing and passing through Cerro Veronese, Cunego's home town.
Photos: from 2008 event

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