Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Giotto Cinelli Bike

Truth is I like vintage bikes and Italian cycling history. I've come to learn that Cino Cinelli's Super Corsa bikes from the 60s and 70s are highly regarded and have a considerable following among vintage bike enthusiasts.

It wasn't until relatively recently that I learned that one of his older brothers, Giotto Cinelli, actually began the Cinelli bicycle business in Firenze (where the Cinelli family is from). And, it was only this month that I saw a component made by yet another older brother, Arrigo Cinelli. It's the only Arrigo Cinelli item I have ever seen.

With that backdrop you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from a reader of this blog who sent in photos of his 1946 Giotto Cinelli, Campagnolo Cambio Corsa equipped, bike. The reader wrote, "Very little is known about these bikes. According to Andrea Cinelli (ed. note: son of Cino Cinelli), very few of these early bikes exist. But thanks to the Internet, at least two more have been found. My bike was restored in Italy back in the early 70s. Unfortunately decals or pictures of Giotto Cinelli bikes with decals have yet to be discovered. Any information about the design of the original decals, or other Giotto Cinelli bikes, would be most welcome."

Cino Cinelli moved the business from Firenze to Milano sometime in the 1950s.

Photos: as sent by reader to ICJ; note the Giotto Cinelli headbadge with Firenze, and the G. Cinelli seat collar, and the Cinelli cranks (click on photos to enlarge).

The last photograph is a rare 1946 "G. Cinelli" team photo, the only true complete team ever to be exclusively sponsored by Cinelli. Photo provided by Steven Maasland.

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  1. I've never seen such a dedicated cycling blog. I really appriciate your work, your interest and efforts. Just keep it :)

    Best wishes from Turkey

  2. Wauw, very beautiful. Does it only seem to be, or are those lugs really very, very thin?
    I ould really like to feel how it is (was) to ride a bike like this.
    Blue and chrome and alu, simple but beautiful.
    Sporty greetings from Holland, Hans Pors

  3. Wow, that's beautiful. Actually, anything from Italy with Cambio Corsa is on my list these days! Nice find...