Friday, January 29, 2010

Vania Rossi, Companion of Riccardo Riccò, Positive for CERA

I dislike writing about doping but here we go....

Vania Rossi, professional cyclocross racer and companion of banned cyclist Riccardo Riccò, has tested positive for CERA, the same substance Riccò was found to have used at the 2008 Tour de France. The positive is from January 10th when Rossi (Centro Sportivo Esercito) raced in the Italian national cyclocross championship (Campionato Italiano di Ciclocross) where she finished second. Riccò and Rossi had a baby within the last few months.

Riccò, whose ban ends on March 19, 2010, is now on the Flaminia-Bossini team.

He was interviewed last week by the Gazzetta dello Sport in an article entitled, "Riccò, loved and hated". Riccò says in the interview, "I have been in purgatory, everyone is given a second chance." To which a fan commented, "A second chance?! For him it's the third chance, remember he was banned as a dilettante also...he's doped his whole life!".

With his life companion now testing positive for the same substance we should be waking up tomorrow, and the weeks ahead, to some interesting stories.

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  1. Sad, sad, sad. What does it take for these people to learn a lesson? Is our sport SO corrupt nowadays that the companion of a guy known as "the pharmacist" in his earlier (pre-Cobra" days also tries to get away with cheating after seeing first-hand what happened to her boyfriend? These people and the ones who help them cheat must be banned from cycling FOR LIFE! I predict the Cobra will be about as successful post-doping penalty as say, Birillo or Tricky RIcky of Festina fame. Seems they were only great when doped, otherwise they're just average pros.

  2. Yes, this is a good indication that Ricco has not learned his lesson. Who likely influenced this woman to dope or at least did not dissuade her from trying such a stupid thing? This is total contempt for fair play and sportmanship and shows how desperate people can get for money and fame.

  3. STD: sexually transmitted drugs