Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Mystery: Giame saddle

Another Italian mystery: the story behind Giame saddles. It is thought this design may even predate the Cinelli Unicantor saddle/seatpost system from the 1960s.

Write in if you have any information.

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  1. This is clearly where the idea for the Selle Italia Monolink post/seat system came from.

  2. Marco Gios, of GIOS ( sent me an email with the following information:
    "I read on your blog about Giame saddle.

    Antonio and Agostino Giamè were two brothers working as framebuilders at Gios Torino...Antonio was very smart and a brillant inventor. This saddle is an example of that!

    I know this is not a big information but I was happy to tell you this part of the story!

    Marco Gios"

    Thank you Marco!