Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pogliaghi Returns

The Pogliaghi name, one of the most respected in Italian cycling, is returning on new frames. Three Pogliaghi frames were on display at Eurobike in the Basso booth (click on photos to enlarge).

The Pogliaghi story begins with Sante Pogliaghi who at 11 years old began working in the framebuilding shop of his uncle Brambilla, a well known framebuilder in Milan going back to the 1920s. In 1947, Sante opened his shop in Milan, two windows overlooking viale Elvezia, only a few steps from the Arena.

Sante Pogliaghi made framesets are highly regarded. From the Pogliaghi chapter in "The Custom Bicycle": "Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame builders. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professionals alike. While his track bikes, both solo and track are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away in the mid 1980s and the rights to manufacture frames under his name had been passed to Marc Rossin, then to the Basso brothers. Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors."

The photos above are courtesy of Leonardo Basso who told me that 3 new Pogliaghi frames were presented at Eurobike. In addition to the frames there is a collection of shoes and clothing. At the moment only the shoe collection is on their website but in the near future the frames and clothing collection will be added. The Pogliaghi website is www.pogliaghiitalcorsemilano.com
From their website you can also find their Facebook page.

For photos of vintage Pogliaghi bikes visit Classic Rendezvous here.

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  1. This was the first bike Larry truly lusted after...and ironically a Basso was Heather's first real racing bike. BRAVI to both! Just read Basso has a new importer/distributor for the USA so the venerable name will again be seen...wonder of Pogliaghi will as well?

  2. Bought mine new at Turin in Chicago for my 21st b-day...took 4th place in the Iowa State TT in1975 with it. I turn 61 next month and just bought new tyres. My Pogliaghi still rides like NEW!!! Peter Nordloh

    1. I bought my Eisentraut at Turin and worked at PArk West Schwinn as a mechanic and salesman (more like boy - I was 16)
      I absolutely LUSTED after the Chrome Pogliaghi one of the owners at Turin had... and now I own a nice one from 1969 or so. I would love to see pics of yours!